Wednesday, February 6, 2013

.@gop I saw this last night and thought it was great: Jon Stewart exposes how GOP manipulates their message to fool voters


Last night, Jon Stewart looked at the Republican messaging coming from Frank Luntz, and on some of the other ideas to get Republicans to win elections.

How did Republicans lose this eminently winnable presidential race?
AMY KREMER, TEA PARTY EXPRESS CHAIRWOMAN (1/25/2013): The Republican Party has a serious messaging problem.

REP. JUSTIN AMASH, R-MI (1/22/2013): I think our messaging has not been very strong.

LAURA INGRAHAM (12/26/2012): The messaging was bad.

Messaging!  If only people knew what the Republicans were about.  What the Republicans need is some kind of 24-hour a day, 7-day a week, perpetual messaging refinement and distribution resource.  Preferably one cloaked in the trappings of journalistic authority, but without any of its ethical constraints.  What would we call such a place?  Elephant News is too obvious.  Insane Clown Posse is already taken.  Ferret!  Ferret News!


Frank Luntz!  Republican Batman.  The famed Republican spin doctor credited with such masterful messaging coups as calling relaxed pollution standards the "Clear Skies Act"'; calling the estate tax the "death tax"; and making universal health care coverage sound like a shit sandwich.


FRANK LUNTZ: The language that you used before, you're calling it a public option, which is what the White House calls it.  Are you sure it isn't a "government option"? ... If you called it the "government option", the public is overwhelmingly against it.

SEAN HANNITY: You know what?  It's a great point, and from now on, I'm going to call it the government option.

"Hey, thanks a lot, Frank.  I'm going to call health care, I'm gonna call it the government option, because I don't want people to have health care.  Thank you, thank you.  I appreciate you telling me how to fuck everybody over.  Thanks a lot."

And while that type of Orwellian sleight of tongue has traditionally been performed in a more catacombs-like environment, or underneath a volcano, the good people at Ferret News believe in transparency.  So let's fix that messaging.



GRETCHEN CARLSON: You believe the error is "smaller government".  The adjustment should be "more effective and efficient government".  Why are those words so much more important?

FRANK LUNTZ: Because the American people don't care what the size of government is.

"You see, Gretchen, if you say you want smaller government, the electorate rejects it.  But if you say you want the government to function more efficiently, the electorate likes it, even though that's clearly not what you believe.  It's the power of language!  It's why this is called a beard, and not a chin-faking face pube."  (shocked audience laughter)  I like this game!  Let's play....  Well, first of all, to be fair, it would be curlier. Let's play more error and adjustment!

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