Friday, October 5, 2012

.@jack_welch Meet The Conservatives Who Think Today’s Job Numbers Are A Conspiracy #p2 #tcot

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released an unexpectedly strong monthly jobs report on Friday, finding a dramatic drop in unemployment to 7.8 percent and revised the number of jobs added in July and August up from initial estimates. While for most Americans, the growing economy is good news, conservatives immediately expressed their skepticism in the jobs report's credibility.

1) Minutes after the report was released, Jack Welch, who famously cooked General Electric's accounting books when he was CEO, accused President Obama of manipulating the numbers to distract from his debate performance:

2) Conn Carroll, a senior writer at the Washington Examiner, doesn't think the problem is the BLS, but a widespread conspiracy of Democrats lying about their unemployment:

3) Former Rumsfeld Chief of Staff Keith Urbahn questioned the timing:

4) Stuart Varney on Fox News claims the drop in unemployment five weeks before the election is too "convenient":

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