Saturday, October 27, 2012

.@MITTROMNEY Mitt Romney tells homeless disaster victim to 'go home and call 211' #p2 #tcot

While touring the devastation of Hurricane Isaac Mitt Romney spoke with a victim of the hurricane who lost her home to the storm. When she asked Romney what she should do, he told the woman to "go home and call 211."

The Romney campaign has been taken to task for being out of touch, and Mitt Romney's recent interaction with an in-need American certainly helps to make that point even clearer.

This is coupled with the criticism, called by Sen. Harry Reid as "the height of hypocrisy, of Romney visiting Louisiana at all. He has no authority and his presence added little to no benefit to disaster workers. According to Republican Governor Bobby Jindal and Romney took pictures for an hour at the local post office. This is where Jodie Chiarello, 42, spoke with Mitt who bestowed on her his sagely wisdom. Chiarello has been quoted saying, "He just told me to, um, there's assistance out there. He said, go home and call 211."


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