Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Romney campaign has a train wreck of an excuse ready for losing the debate

This may be the lamest attempt ever to lower expectations ahead of a debate:
But Romney got virtually no sleep Monday night, an aide said, blaming a freight train that passed through a grade crossing near the hotel and blew it horn roughly every hour all through the night. The candidate's sleep deprivation so worried his staff that the campaign looked into switching hotels. The logistics were ultimately too tough, the aide said, and there was concern about how it would look.
Seriously? If Romney goes out tonight and says something stupid (think $10,000 bets or "for Pete's sake"), it's because of a freight train? What, was it too much trouble to upgrade from Motel 6? Or spring for a pair of earplugs? Pathetic.

And cue the right-wing conspiracy that President Obama sent those trains through—in fact, consider this a preview of tomorrow's Rush Limbaugh show.

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