Monday, September 24, 2012

.@mittromney 's trust got rid of shares in a Chinese online video company notorious for offering pirated American content #p2 #tcot

Demonstrating once again that Mitt Romney's "blind" trust is not so much blind as ostentatiously wearing dark glasses and carrying a cane while being able to see all the while, his tax returns show that on June 15 the trust got rid of shares in a Chinese online video company notorious for offering pirated American content.

That divestment is awfully convenient for Romney, since he's been making Chinese intellectual property theft a theme of his campaign. A Romney ad released Monday attacks President Obama for not "standing up to China" as "China is stealing American ideas and technology." That's the second Romney ad in recent weeks claiming Obama hasn't been tough enough with China, and Romney has also been hitting that theme on the stump, too:

"Did you know they even have an Apple store?" Romney said at a rally in Virginia last week. "It's a fake Apple store; they sell counterfeit Apple products. This is wrong. We're gonna crack down on China when they manipulate their currency, when they steal our goods, when they don't protect our intellectual property. We're gonna make sure that China understands we mean business. Trade is gonna work for us, not just for them."
Romney's efforts to paint the president as weak on China are seriously blunted by two thingsObama pointed out in a recent Ohio campaign appearance: "you can't stand up to China when all you've done is send them our jobs" as Romney has done in his career in private equity, and "We've brought more trade cases against China in one term than the previous administration did in two. And every case we've brought that's been decided, we won."

Obama will be in Ohio on Wednesday as tariffs he imposed on Chinese tire imports expire; it's unlikely he's going to a tire-manufacturing state that day if the tariffs will remain expired. Romney opposed those tariffs, by the way, because let's be real: in 2010 he didn't realize that in 2012 he was going to be running as Mr. Tough on China Even Though He Made His Fortune Sending Jobs There.

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