Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Romney Touts Energy Plan In Colorado, Visit Called The 'Height Of Irony' By Wind Power Advocates


Mitt Romney campaigned in Pueblo, Colorado, on Monday, telling about 3,000 supporters that, as president, he'd create jobs in the state by developing U.S. energy resources. Yet, even before he touched down at the city airport where the event was held, Romney was under fire by wind-power advocates for leading opposition to the federal tax credit extension tied to the loss announced last week of roughly 100 jobs at a Pueblo wind tower factory.

In a statement sent out Monday morning, Pete Maysmith, executive director at Colorado Conservation Voters, characterized the Romney visit as the "height of irony."

"If [Romney] was serious about job creation, he would quit catering to his big oil supporters and join the bipartisan support in Colorado for clean renewable energy jobs and extension of the wind production tax credit."

Romney's remarks in Pueblo clearly weren't designed to allay those kinds of concerns about the priorities of his energy plan.

"We will drill for more oil on government lands, open up Alaska for development and bring that [Keystone] pipeline down from Canada," he told the crowd.

In the past, Romney has said he supports wind power generally but that he opposes wind production tax breaks for unfairly propping up the industry in the energy market.

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