Wednesday, March 26, 2014

@HobbyLobbyStore case is in the supreme court to deny women coverage to birth control but they have no qualms about covering Viagra.


"Boxer wondered aloud why those who are objecting to women having their birth control covered by their health insurance have no similar objection to the same insurance covering Viagra for men.

“I have never heard Hobby Lobby or any other corporation, I could be wrong, or any other boss complain that Viagra is covered in many insurance plans, practically all of them, or other kinds of things, you know, for men, which I won’t go into.”

Jansing then responded back that those who are objecting aren’t doing so due to premarital sex or an aversion to sex in general, but because this ‘is a life issue.’ Boxer then hammered back at that argument and pointed out the slippery slope that this presents. If corporations like Hobby Lobby are allowed to circumvent the law of the land by stating it infringes on the company’s religious freedom, then what else can a corporation be allowed to get away with?"

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