Thursday, March 6, 2014

Jon Stewart Rips @gop Republican Senators for 'F*cking Over Veterans'

Jon Stewart highlighted America’s collective misplaced outrage and shamed the Republicans for blocking a veteran’s benefits bill on The Daily Show Wednesday night.

Stewart started his segment by showing a clip of John Travolta mispronouncing a singer’s name at the Oscars this week, along with some reactions to it. He sarcastically shamed Travolta for daring to mispronounce a name.

Then he contrasted that with the lack of comparative outrage over Senate Republicans blocking the veterans bill on the grounds of “we can’t afford it.” He would later go to the “Shame-O-Meter” to further contrast the trivial things Americans get outraged over more than the Republican’s shameless treatment of the veterans, many of whom fought in the costly Iraq war that the Republicans wholehearted supported.


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