Friday, July 29, 2016

10 Things Republicans Ignore About Trump That They’d Never Let Obama or Clinton Get Away With


"When it comes to the Republicans and Donald Trump, one thing that often blows my mind is the absolute hypocrisy I see from millions of conservative voters in regards to their support for a candidate like him. They let Trump get by with things that, if President Obama or Hillary Clinton did them, they would relentlessly attack them for doing.

  It pains me to admit that Trump is right about anything, but he was absolutely spot-on when he said his supporters were mindless sheep who would support him even if he were to commit murder on Fifth Avenue.

So, in the spirit of this hypocrisy from Republicans, I thought I'd list a few things they would be flipping out about if President Obama or Hillary Clinton did them, yet don't seem to mind it when Donald Trump does them.

1. He changes his mind on policies whenever the heck he feels like it: While some on the left like to accuse Hillary Clinton of being a "flip-flopper" because she's changed her mind or evolved on a few issues over time, Trump takes this to a whole other level. From his proposed ban on all Muslims, to his stance on torture and even abortion rights — he's been all over the place on where he actually stands on many key issues. Then again, this is someone who literally said that voters should take everything he says as nothing but a "suggestion," not an actual promise.

2. Blatantly using and disrespecting veterans: A couple of years ago the right-wing media lost its mind after President Obama dared to salute two Marines while holding a cup of coffee in his hand. So, could you imagine their reaction if either he or Hillary Clinton said that they don't consider military POWs American heroes because they like people who weren't captured? Then to find out later (after they had used veterans as political props to hide the fact they were too scared to face a moderator during a presidential debate) that the money they had spent months bragging about raising for veterans groups wasn't as much as they had claimed it was — and most of it hadn't been paid out yet?

3. Parading out their five kids from three different marriages: It is rather comical the party that constantly claims it fights for "Christian values" and the "sanctity of marriage" has, as its presidential candidate, someone who's had at least one affair, has been divorced twice, is on his third marriage and has five kids from three different women. There's absolutely no way the GOP would let President Obama or Hillary Clinton get away with that. The right-wing media would label them as unstable individuals with poor family values and morals.

4. Saying Saddam Hussein had some good qualities: Imagine President Obama or Hillary Clinton saying that Hussein was a bad guy, but he wasn't completely awful because he did kill terrorists. Well, that's exactly what Trump said about the former Iraqi dictator.

5. Speaking highly and complimentary of Russian President Vladimir Putin: I really never thought I'd see a time in my life where a Republican presidential candidate could openly heap praise on an ex-KGB agent turned borderline Russian dictator and the party would seemingly be okay with it. But you know things have gone completely off the rails when praising a Russian president/murderous dictator makes you more popular among Republican voters — while speaking highly of our own president makes you less popular."

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