Saturday, July 23, 2016

New York became the 11th state to remove regressive tax on menstrual products


Newsweek, New York Terminates the Tampon Tax:

There are plenty of things you can buy in the U.S. tax-free: bagged salads in Colorado, seasoned croutons in Texas, manicures and massages in West Virginia. But in 40 states, menstrual products—used to care for a normal bodily function that occurs every month, for 30 to 40 years—are taxed anywhere from 4 to 10 percent. Meanwhile, we can all participate in rodeos tax-free (thanks, South Dakota!)

On Thursday, however, New York became the 11th state without a tax on menstrual products when Governor Andrew Cuomo signed legislation eliminating local and state sales taxes on them.

"This is a regressive tax on essential products that women have had to pay for far too long and lifting it is a matter of social and economic justice," Cuomo said in a statement. The new law, which goes into effect on September 1, 2016, includes panty liners and newer products like cups period underwear. ...

Since the start of 2016, 15 states have introduced legislation or initiated legislative debate to eliminate the tampon tax. It's a dramatic turn for an issue that was barely even whispered about one year ago. "I hope that of the 15 states that took up this issue this term, more of them will feel the pressure or the will to see it through next legislative session," says Jennifer Weiss-Wolf, a leading writer and advocate for menstrual equity. In addition to New York, Illinois and Connecticut have both seen legislative success in repealing the tampon tax.

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