Wednesday, July 20, 2016

'Pokemon Go' Bubble Bursts: Nintendo Tumbles As Indonesia Issues "National Security Threat"


Indonesian officials have warned that 'Pokemon Go' is a "national security threat," and military headquarters have banned personnel from playing the game while on duty, according to Jakarta Post. It appears the 'Pokemon Go' bubble is bursting, after surging 120% in 8 days, Nintendo is down over 12% today (as the bubble passes over to McDonalds Japan, which is up 12%, after reports of sponsoring 'Pokemon Go' in Japan).

As Bloomberg reports,

Indonesian Military headquarter has banned personnel from playing 'Pokemon Go' game while on duty, Jakarta Post reports, citing spokesman for Indonesian Armed Force, or TNI, Tatang Sulaiman.


TNI says cautious as app could encourage gamers to go to restricted military facilities, record activities and post details online.

And the bubble is bursting... tumbling 12% after doubling in 8 days...

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