Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Another fake news voucher story from the Great Lakes Education Project and Betsy DeVos

from http://www.eclectablog.com/2016/12/another-fake-news-voucher-story-from-the-great-lakes-education-project-and-betsy-devos.html

Another #fakenews story is being promoted by the Great Lakes Education Project (GLEP), Betsy DeVos's personally founded and funded school privatization guerrilla organization in Michigan. The mother quoted here, Maria Salazar, has been writing a version of this article for Betsy-DeVos-funded organizations since at least 2013: this one, from the American Federation for Children–a DeVos voucher front group–introduces us to Maria's daughter, who has seemingly been "rescued" from her public school through the generosity of Betsy DeVos herself…

The Corporate Tuition Tax Credit Scholarship program changed her life and gave her opportunities her single mother Maria could not have afforded on her own. Maria and Nydia immigrated to the U.S. from Peru when Nydia was a small child.

"When we arrived in the U.S. I told Nydia that if I work hard to support us and she works hard to learn in school, we would find the opportunities we came here for," says Maria Salazar. "I was so relieved, excited and, most of all, grateful when I found out Nydia would have a scholarship to attend St. Mary's. It was everything I promised Nydia all those years ago."

Similar "news articles" from the past several years on Ms. Salazar's adventures in voucher marketing can be found here and here, from 2013, and here, in 2014. In fact, promoting Betsy's voucher plans seems to be something of a side job for Ms. Salazar.

Let's interject a little bit of context here: The AZ voucher program is actually a set of 5 different programs, and they have collectively been a disaster for Arizona by virtually any measure.

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