Friday, December 2, 2016

Trump Campaigner in Michigan Faces Prison for Election Fraud


The Trump staffer's conviction comes after the president-elect in a tweet leveled unfounded claims of election fraud in Virginia, New Hampshire, and California. He also made the baseless claim that millions voted illegally.

A member of President-elect Donald Trump's Michigan election team faces up to five years in prison for election fraud.

Brandon Hall, 27, was found guilty Wednesday of ten counts of election fraud by a Ottawa County jury, as the Grand Haven Tribune reported.

Hall, managing editor of the blog West Michigan Politics, had been called "the core of the Trump team in Michigan" as recently as October by

A photo taken in the president-elect's Lansing campaign headquarters shows Hall alongside other Trump campaign staffers, including Deputy State Director C.J. Galdes and Kevin Tatulyan, director of coalitions.

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