Monday, December 5, 2016

Fox News host ERIC BOLLING: Those stripped of Obamacare coverage can just go to the emergency room, right?

JUAN WILLIAMS (CO-HOST): What about these 20 million people who got coverage [through the Affordable Care Act]? What about the people who said I like keeping my kid on until 26? What about people with pre-existing conditions? Oh no, well you can't take care of them because we have no mandate. Which I know is a big objection of yours. And we don't have a plan. And so, even President-elect Trump once said, you can't just put these people out on the street. 

ERIC BOLLING (CO-HOST): They're not on the street. You still have Medicare and Medicaid. So that's always going to be there. And you have emergency rooms which we had before. Until another plan is floated, that's acceptable.

Are there not poorhouses? No, you closed the poorhouses.

Have they not Medicare and Medicaid? Well, the new Republican plan is to turn one into a for-profit enterprise and roll back the expansion of the other that gave the very coverage you're claiming they would have, so ... no.

Are there not emergency rooms? Why yes, that is exactly what we had before and they cost far more money than any other possible option and will not, in fact, treat you for anything but emergency situations. You can't go there to get diabetes medication, but once you're in a coma they'll get right on that. Then they put you back out on the street.

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