Thursday, December 22, 2016

Rexnord of Indiana is moving to Mexico and firing its 300 workers/ Where's Trump?

So not only is this company oursourcing its jobs to workers in Mexico that make $3 an hour and firing its US workers, but the US workers' severance packages are being held back until they train their replacements.


When Donald Trump swooped in to give a fat corporate welfare package to Carrier in order to keep the company from moving all of its operation to Mexico, the deal was terrible but it did save around 730 jobs—for the time being. Around the same time, Trump also had this to say:

Since that time it has been crickets regarding keeping jobs in America. A couple of days ago, Chuck Jones went on CNN to explain how this deal seems finalized and will begin this February.

Rexnord said Friday it will close its Indianapolis plant, which makes metal bearings, in June. The workers will be given a week's pay for every year at the company, plus $2,000 and six months of health coverage. The layoffs will begin in February.

The workers were making about $25 an hour, said Chuck Jones, president of the union local. 

"They're leaving people high and dry in these places in order to exploit Mexican workers at $3 an hour," Jones told CNNMoney on Friday. "These people in Monterrey aren't raising their standard of living out of it."

Since Trump tweeted out his support for workers he's spent more time attacking fake voter fraud and union leaders. I guess when Trump said "No more," he meant "A lot more to come like this." The Intercept interviewed a 12-year machinist at Rexnord who is losing his job in February. Tim Mathis explained that on top of losing his livelihood, Rexnord has figured out an even more humiliating way to outsource their jobs—using their severance package to force these workers to make themselves redundant.

"For our jobs to be offshored is one thing. But for the company to hold our severance package over us provided that we train our replacement workers is unbelievable," Mathis said. "That's a sad day in America and it appears that our politicians just continue to sit back and allow this stuff to happen."

This was Donald Trump a little over a week ago.

 President-elect Donald Trump has vowed to end the practice of laid-off American workers being made to train foreigners brought over to replace them, a move which could impact Indian technology workers and outsourcing companies.

Trump called these incidents "demeaning" and said: "We are not going to let it happen to our people anymore."

He made those comments about two days after penning this tweet.

 I suspect we all know where this is going.

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