Wednesday, December 28, 2016

It’s almost impossible to describe how badly the GOP is about to mess up the economy


Trump and the GOP are about to unleash a series of policies that will almost exclusively benefit the rich and their corporations, who are already experiencing record profits.

These plans include:

And while the economy is being devoured by those who need it the least, Trump will deliver his symbolic and highly effective PR stunts that save a few jobs while everything else he can to hollow out the middle class.

We already know what this looks like in practice.

See America after 7 years of Bush/Cheney.

See Kansas after six years of Sam Brownback:

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  1. Not jealous of rich people, even though we've been scraping by under Obamanomics. More power to you, rich man or woman.

    But this tax bill is a win for ALL Americans. Supply-side economics ALWAYS succeeds because it allows WORKERS to decide the direction of the economy, and takes away Big Brother dictating to us, and Dems buying votes with taxpayer money.

    Democrats have built their party on handouts and "Plantation Politics". The purpose of the Democrat way is to smile sweetly, employ some attractive Hollywood faces or musicians whose music you like, and get them to explain that you "Must" vote Democrat or the GOP will not give you your candy.

    That's right. We won't. We will give the entire COUNTRY "candy". The major legislation that Donald J. Trump steered shows RESPECT for the American people, and our belief in ourselves as Americans!

    We in Trump Nation are non-ideological. We are about practical and will embrace a wind farm just as fast as a fossil fuel exploration site IF it produces an economically valid, competitive result. We long ago said "screw you" to those trying to tag the laughable "racist" baloney on us. We, as always here in Trump Nation always have wide open doors to people of all types, African-American to Muslim. Yes. Our requirements are simple: You are an American, and you want to improve our country by respecting the American individual.

    We in Trump Nation hereby point a steel finger at the Democrats and their Inner City Plantations. You, Democrat, have kept black Americans in bondage and dependency in our cities for decades. We in Trump's Army unshackle them and say: You're a human. You are lucky enough to be an American. Go. Your Dem Plantation Owners & the steady supply of "drugs they fed you in the form of dependency -- is no more.

    According to the writers who write my paper for me this Tax bill is the OPPOSITE of the pathetic last-ditch nonsense that failing, divided, pervert-infested Dems are feeding their CNN/ABC/NBC/CNB propaganda outlets.